Visa Documents

Visa Documents

Adequate documentation is an essential part of the visa process; the embassy never approves a visa application without document verification. So it is crucial to pay due attention towards documentation before visiting the embassy for the biometric verification process. However, not every UK resident needs a Spain Schengen visa to travel to Spain as the UK residents who are the citizens of the country are legally allowed to freely travel through the Schengen Zone without the need of a Schengen Visa. For the other UK residents who have a UK Residence Permit, the additional documents (1 Original and 1 Copy) can be requested by the Spanish Consulate such as:

  1. Online Application Form – Ensure that the Application Form is duly filled and completed. It should be signed in both the required fields and should be brought along by the applicant during the appointment.
  2. Photo (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm) – Coloured passport size photograph (not more than 1 month old) should be provided. The photograph must show the complete face and should be on a white background. It should be clean and not damaged in any form.
  3. Passport – The applicant should provide the original and a copy of the passport page containing the personal data and photo. The passport should have been issued in less than 10 years ago and should be at least valid for 3 months beyond the date of departure from Spain. The passport should have at least 2 blank “Visa” pages and old/expired passport should also be provided by the applicant.
  4. UK Residence Permit – British Residence Permit should be presented in original as well as a copy. It should be valid for a period of at least 90 days beyond the date of return from the Schengen Zone. If the Residence Permit is in the form of card, then copy of both the sides should be provided.
  5. Bank Statements – The applicant should provide latest 3 months official bank statements for the current account stating the minimum balance of £500.00 (positive) and the income as well. Original and copies of the statement should be provided and copies which are obtained from internet or any other source must be stamped by the applicant’s bank.
  6. Note:

    • While submitting the current account statements on the date of appointment, the applicant must ensure that the date of closing balance in his/her current account is not older than 1 week.
    • The applicant should make sure that there are sufficient funds in the account i.e. a minimum of £500. If the trip of the applicant is planned for more than 8 days, then he/she should show additional balance of £55 per day, starting from the 9th day. If the applicant wishes to show extra funds, the same can be done by showing the savings account statements. Originals and copies both should be provided while making an application.
    • Traveller’s cheque, credit card statements or bank statements that are currently overdrawn will not be accepted.
  7. Travel Documents – Reserved return travel tickets should be produced by the applicant. The travel tickets should mention the name of applicant and travel dates to and from the Schengen Area.
  8. Note:

    • If the applicant is travelling by car, copy of the driving license (If driver is other than the applicant, then a letter from them and copy of their passport), car insurance documents and V5 documentation (Car Registration Documentation) or car rental documentation should be provided. The applicant will also be required to provide the documentation in full, stating the means of crossing the borders other than by air or land ( e.g. Eurotunnel or Ferry Tickets)
    • While attending the appointment, applicant should carry complete travel document showing the entire details of the full travel itinerary.
  9. Proof of Accommodation– Hotel bookings for every single night to be spent in the Schengen Area should be shown by the applicant and the same should correspond with the travel tickets. If the name of the applicant is not mentioned on the accommodation reservation, then a joint travel confirmation letter should be produced. The letter should be signed and dated by the person whose name is there on the reservation. Also, copy of that person’s passport or ID card and passport should be provided. If the signature of the applicant/other person is on another page i.e. not on the main page with photo, then copy of that page should be provided.
  10. Note:

    • If the applicant is going to stay with a friend of family in Spain, then an original Official Invitation Letter along with a copy should be provided. The Invitation letter should be issued by the Police of Spain and should be provided along with the copy of host’s passport (Original will be returned after the Visa decision is made).
    • Only an official invitation issued by Police of Spain will be accepted and not the one written by the host.
  11. Insurance – Insurance must be in issued in United Kingdom only. Original and copy of travel insurance certificate showing applicant’s name, start and end day of the insurance cover as well as the geographical cover ( a quotation merely won’t be sufficient), proof of emergency medical expense cover of minimum EUR 30,000 and proof of cover for repatriation expenses.
  12. Note:
    If the travel insurance is provided by the applicant’s bank, a recent letter from the bank should be provided by the applicant confirming the insurance cover and the insurance booklet. Name of the applicant must be on the letter, otherwise proof of the relationship must be given if the insurance covers dependants.

    Specific Documents

  13. Employed/Self Employed

    • Employment Letter – The Employment Letter to be submitted by the applicant must be original letter (Should not be an email, fax or a photocopy). It should be signed by hand and not digitally or scanned signed by the applicant. It should not be older than 30 days from the date of Visa appointment. Certain documents like offer letter and contract are not acceptable.
    • Self Employed– Proofs of paid taxes and accountant letter should be provided by a self- employed person.
    • Proof of Occupation – The proof of occupation must be original with original signatures and should be less than 30 days old. The following proofs can be accepted :
      1. 1. Employment Letter
      2. 2. Student Letter
      3. 3. Accountant’s Letter
      4. 4. Job Centre Letter
      5. 5. Pension Letter
    • Payslips are optional. If the applicant is providing pay slips, original and copy of the same should be provided.
  14. Dependants
    • Applicant should provide sponsor’s letter of employment/self-employment, bank statement and passport copy of the sponsor, proof of relationship (Marriage Certificate, Civil Partnership Certificate or Birth Certificate- whichever is applicable for the applicant). Original and copies of the sponsor’s documents should be provided.
  15. Minors
    • Original and copy of the Birth Certificate, Original Travel Consent signed by both the parents/legal guardians, copies of passports of parents/legal guardians and School Letter should be provided. The Visa Application Form for the minor should be signed by both the parents.
  16. Sponsored
    • Sponsorship Letter, Copy of Sponsor’s Passport, Valid Schengen Visa (if applicable), Proof of Relationship (with sponsor), original and copy of birth/marriage certificate, sponsor’s employment letter and bank statements stating sufficient funds and salary slips for 3 months(latest).

Please Note:

  1. No documents should be stapled.
  2. All the documents must be either in English or Spanish or duly translated in the said languages. Translation must be officially carried out through certified, professional translator.
  3. Visa Application cannot be made or submitted more than 3 month prior to the intended departure date to Schengen country.

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